Crowdfunding Gaining Speed in Texas

Hive Equity Crowdfunding with Representative Villareal

Equity Crowdfunding Lets Investors See Local Investments Come To Life.

It's been a big week as investment crowdfunding garners more public attention with the impending release of Texas rules for equity crowdfunding.

San Antonio's Rivard Report took a look at the issue and found that "newly proposed intrastate crowdfunding legislation promises to open investment to the average income earner."

Roach agreed and added, “It gives people a reason to be excited about investing in their community. You can see those investments come to life.”

Action by the The Texas State Securities Board, which has been instrumental in pushing crowdfunding legislation through, has been instrumental as the constructor of legal rules enabling intrastate crowdfunding. This leadership, by Commissioner John Morgan, is largely the reason why Texas has been so quick to embrace this new fundraising method.

“They have a lot of authority to regulate these crowdfunding rules without the legislature having to go back and make adjustments every time,” Roach said of the Board. “In most states, the legislature has to pass laws [implemented] by the securities commission, and there’s not always consistency and cooperation. In Texas, we’ve been hugely fortunate to have bipartisan support.”

The San Antonio Business Journal also provided coverage of a news conference held at Geekdom by State Representative Mike Villareal who remarked:

Texas’ investment crowdfunding model provides innovative entrepreneurs new avenues of access to capital

You can read more in each outlet's coverage of the legislative and administrative efforts: